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The Importance of Liver Cleansing & Detoxing

Do you suffer from digestive problems, PMS, constipation or diarrhea, high cholesterol, back pain, depression, menopause symptoms, asthma, headaches or chronic fatigue?

Well believe it or not all of these widespread symptoms may come from a common cause that is largely unrecognised…….gallstones!

Contrary to most people's belief, most gallstones are formed in the liver and very few in the gall bladder. Gallstones are one of the major reasons why people fall ill and have difficulty recuperating from an illness. Failure to recognise gallstones in the liver may be an important missing link in the field of medicine, both orthodox and complementary. In Australia, approximately 1 in every 300 people develops gall bladder problems annually. Their first sign of abnormal stone formation is pain, which can often be severe, and so is generally recognized and treated quickly.

Most people, however, no matter how pure their diet, and particularly in the Western world, have some sort of stone formation in their liver which is going unrecognised, and giving rise to a whole range of problems……if you suffer any of the following symptoms, you are likely to have numerous gall stones in your liver;

Any digestive disorder, diarrhea, constipation, food cravings, fatty liver, chronic hepatitis most allergies, hernia, obesity, difficulty with breathing, hepatitis, high cholesterol, pancreatitis, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, menstrual and menopausal disorders, endometriosis, any eye disorders, scoliosis, asthma, headaches, sciatica, back pain, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression etc.

That is an amazingly long list isn’t it, and I would be surprised if any readers didn’t tick off at least one symptom that they suffer from currently, so how can so many problems be caused by this build-up of stones in your liver?

Well the liver is so important that Natural Therapists consider that there is rarely a disease in the body that does not start there, and that it is likely that almost every patient with a chronic illness, (such as heart disease), has an excessively large number of gallstones in their liver.

Your liver is responsible for the recycling of hormones, the formation of blood and your energy production…... If you suffer from obesity (and/or find that no modern diet will help you), mood swings, PMS, or depression you may like to think about detoxifying and even removing the stones from your liver and gall bladder. The liver recycles over 15% of a woman's Oestrogen supply and stones in the liver and gall bladder reduces, and in some cases totally prevents, this recycling from occurring.

Also if you have recurrent colds and viral infections, or if you have never fully recovered from a viral infection, then you may be interested to know that a diet that cleanses and improves the function of the liver will always improve the immune system. Removing the stones would be even better!

A healthy 'stone free' liver secretes bile into the digestive system, it transforms ingested substances into absorbable nutrients and neutralises intoxicating substances such as alcohol, medications and toxic food. The liver houses vitamins and minerals and stores sugar as glycogen - it is responsible for the whole metabolic process. The liver is the supreme organ of metabolism and is the only organ that can pump fat out of the body, so if weight loss is important to you then a Liver Detox Program is an excellent place to start!

It is the liver's job to detoxify the blood on a physical level and it also detoxifies the emotions on an energy level. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotion anger relates to the liver, (organ and meridian). It is the liver's job to clear anger. Instead, especially in the western world, we use it as a storage space for negativity so it becomes stressed and eventually blocks.

Even though I highly recommend ‘The Liver Cleansing Diet' as an excellent way to enhance the well-being of one's physical and emotional health, by taking the pressure off the liver, it does not, by any means, release the hundreds of stones trapped in our livers, resulting from years of repeated prescriptions of antibiotics, the oral contraceptive pill and all other medications, pesticides in food, low fat foods, genetically engineered food, coffee, tea, alcohol, junk food, air pollution, etc not to mention all those suppressed negative emotions.