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    A combination of the four essential health supporting alkaline minerals in a handy condiment form

    RRP: $45.00


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  • Canda Plex

    Canda Plex

    Improve digestive function, and destroy fungal over-growth

    RRP: $59.95


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    RRP: $30.00


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  • Enema Kits

    Enema Kits

    Complete Home Enema Kit: 2.5 litres

    RRP: $88.00


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  • Fulhealth Industries - Colloidal Minerals

    Fulhealth Industries - Colloidal Minerals

    Colloidal Minerals, the most important (plant based) nutrient for humanity

    RRP: $46.00


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  • Graviola Max - 120 Veggie Caps

    Graviola Max - 120 Veggie Caps

    According to the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, graviola cancer research indicates that the supplement helps to inhibit growth of cells resistant to drug treatments.

    RRP: $44.00


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  • Hab Shifa Black Seed OIl 250mls

    Hab Shifa Black Seed OIl 250mls

    The mounting scientic evidence on the healing properties of the Black Seed make it one of the few sacred ancient remedies that is supported by science...

    RRP: $40.00


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  • Herbal Tri Plex

    Herbal Tri Plex

    Contains powerful Australian grown herbs for parasite defence. Helps rid the body of worms.

    RRP: $55.00


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  • Latero-Flora


    The revolutionary Brevibacillus Laterosporus strain has a strong inhibitory effect on pathogens, including candida.

    RRP: $48.00


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  • LivaTrex


    Enhanced blend of powerful herbs that support detox & normal function of the liver & gall bladder

    RRP: $50.00


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  • Motion Potion - 250gm

    Motion Potion - 250gm

    Alkalise, heal, replace beneficial bacteria and regenerate your whole digestive tract after a colon cleanse, or simply keep your insides healthy...

    RRP: $55.00


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  • Oxy Powder

    Oxy Powder

    Rated Best Colon Cleanser! Colon cleanse with oxygen - 120 capsules

    RRP: $85.00


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  • VeganZyme


    VeganZyme is the most advanced broad-spectrum digestive and systemic enzyme formula in the world.

    RRP: $89.00


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  • VitaKelnz for Kidz

    VitaKelnz for Kidz

    A colon cleanse product, containing herbal remedies, designed especially for children. Destroy those pesky worms!

    RRP: $25.00


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  • VitaKlenz


    Detox and cleanse your Colon! Colon cleanse with herbal medicine

    RRP: $55.00


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