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    A combination of the four essential health supporting alkaline minerals in a handy condiment form

    RRP: $45.00


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  • Canda Plex

    Canda Plex

    Improve digestive function, and destroy fungal over-growth

    RRP: $59.95


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  • Detoxadine


    Global Healing Center's nano-colloidal nascent iodine. Now 45% stronger!

    RRP: $52.00


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  • Essiac Tincture 118mls

    Essiac Tincture 118mls

    The famous potent, anti-oxidant herbal formula

    RRP: $64.00


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  • Herbal Immune Plex - A Whole Body Tonic

    Herbal Immune Plex - A Whole Body Tonic

    A powerful Immune Boost for when you are feeling run down, or support and tonify your whole body after a cleanse program...

    RRP: $49.95


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  • Herbal Tri Plex

    Herbal Tri Plex

    Contains powerful Australian grown herbs for parasite defence. Helps rid the body of worms.

    RRP: $55.00


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  • Latero-Flora


    The revolutionary Brevibacillus Laterosporus strain has a strong inhibitory effect on pathogens, including candida.

    RRP: $48.00


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  • Oxy Powder

    Oxy Powder

    Rated Best Colon Cleanser! Colon cleanse with oxygen - 120 capsules

    RRP: $85.00


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  • Suntrex D3

    Suntrex D3

    RRP: $49.00


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