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  • Canda Plex

    Canda Plex

    Improve digestive function, and destroy fungal over-growth

    RRP: $59.95


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  • Latero-Flora


    The revolutionary Brevibacillus Laterosporus strain has a strong inhibitory effect on pathogens, including candida.

    RRP: $48.00


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  • MAGNESIUM LOTION Ultra with OptiMSM Ancient Minerals

    MAGNESIUM LOTION Ultra with OptiMSM Ancient Minerals

    The post popular Magnesium chloride lotion in the world. Hardly a magnesium 'sting' at all using this lotion, and has a more powerful affect with the added MSM!

    RRP: $35.00


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  • Power Labs - Colloidal Minerals

    Power Labs - Colloidal Minerals

    The best tasting Colloidal Minerals on the market! These are the ones for kids!

    RRP: $59.95


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  • VitaKelnz for Kidz

    VitaKelnz for Kidz

    A colon cleanse product, containing herbal remedies, designed especially for children. Destroy those pesky worms!

    RRP: $25.00


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  • VitaKlenz


    Detox and cleanse your Colon! Colon cleanse with herbal medicine

    RRP: $55.00


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