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Welcome to Detox4Life's Detox Programs

The following is the recommended order of Detox4Life’s Detox Programs, ideal for healthy people wanting to undertake a very powerful, preventative health care regime.

Detox4Life’s Detox Programs are also ideal for people who may feel tired, sluggish or suffering from minor health complaints. Always seek the guidance of your preferred health care professional if you are unsure of the suitability of any Detox program...

Between Detox4Life’s programs remember to restore, and strengthen your immune system and internal organs with Astro-Plex Herbal Tonic. Keep taking your Colloidal Minerals and Spirulina, or other Green Food Supplement – take the challenge.

If you feel you need to do the Heavy Metal Cleanse Program, Detox4life recommends that you complete the Kidney Cleanse Program initially. You may also like to undertake the Colon Cleanse ‘Excess Motion’ before the Heavy Metal Cleanse, as well, or you may undertake it concurrently. Remember to take regular short cold showers, before your warm shower, as this practice is also a form of Detox and you will need them if and when you go through a 'Healing Crisis'.