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Heavy Metal Cleansing Program

The Natural Removal of Heavy Metals

Many Medical Herbalists and Naturopaths use Urine Tests and Hair Mineral Analysis in order to find out whether or not there are heavy metals present within an individual.    

Who Could Benefit From This Program?
Anyone who has been diagnosed with excess heavy metal toxicity be it mercury, lead, copper, arsenic etc.

How Long Does The Heavy Metal Cleansing Program Go For?
That depends on the type and level of heavy metal present in your body. 
-Minimum of 6 x months - up to 2-3 years.

What Products Will I Need To Complete This Cleanse? (For 6 x months)

  • Fulhealth Industries Colloidal Minerals x 3
  • Synergy Chlorella 1000 x 2
  • Zeotrex x 3
  • LL Magnetic Clay Detox Baths x 5 – with your choice of…
  • Clear Out: This clay bath assists in eliminating mercury, lead, arsenic, and aluminium
  • Mercury: This clay bath assists in eliminating specifically elemental mercury, organic mercury (methyl and ethyl mercury), and inorganic mercury
  • Smokers/Drug: This clay bath assists in eliminating Cadmium, tobacco residues, pharmaceutical drug residues, recreational drug residues, food preservatives, hexavalent chromium, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, lead, arsenic, and more.

*Take 2-3 baths per week with the appropriate LL Magnetic Clay, in accordance to which heavy metal you are attempting to remove.  If you do not own a bath, take at least 4-5 foot baths per week, as per enclosed instructions within the pack. 

Can I take these products in conjunction with another program?
-Yes, undertaking the Colon Cleanse – Excess Motion (whether or not you actually have loose bowel motions) would be fantastic.
You may however like to complete the Kidney Detox Program initially in order that all systems and organs are operating efficiently. 

What does the Heavy Metal Cleansing Program involve?


-Drink 4-500mls of pure filtered or spring water (with nothing in it)

-Take 15 drops of Zeotrex in a small amount of water


-Take 10mls of Fulhealth Industries Colloidal Minerals and **2-8 tablets of Chlorella and 3 x capsules of Udo’s with a small amount of water or juice.


Take 5mls of Liver Plex* in a small amount of water or juice



Take 15 drops of Zeotrex in a small amount of water.


**2-8 tablets of Chlorella with a small amount of water or juice. 


Take 5mls of Liver Plex* in a small amount of water or juice


*Liver Plex – for a more powerful cleanse, you may take 7.5-10mls 2-3 x per day before meals.  However we do suggest that you reach this dose gradually over 2-3 weeks. 

**Start by taking 2 x tablets of Chlorella twice a day, the next day take 3 x tablets twice per day and then the next day 4 x tablets twice per day, until you will eventually be taking 8 x tablets twice per day.  Hold this dose for a minimum of 6 x months.  As Synergy Chlorella is much like a multi-vitamin tablet, you can take it every day for the rest of your life. 

What diet do you recommend whilst I am on this Program?
The Detox 4 Life Eating Plan and also see Food Theory for Healthy Living – Acid & Alkaline Chart.  Specific foods which are useful to include with this program are…

  • Coriander (see rationale bellow)
  • Garlic
  • Sea Vegetables (sea weed)
  • Apples (pectin binds to heavy metals)
  • Berries (high in protective anti-oxidants)
  • Please note along with all the ‘horrible stuff’, you may eat 2 x pieces of Loving Earth Chocolate per day whilst on this program. 

Coriander Pesto
2 cups loosely packed coriander leaves (stems removed)
2 tablespoons slivered almonds
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 cloves garlic
2-4 teaspoons water (depending on desired consistency)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
Blend all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Use more or less water to get the thickness you desire.
-It has been recommend to eat two tablespoons daily of Coriander Pesto for three-five weeks.
What Can I Expect During The Program?
Each individual will respond differently to the program. 
‘The Healing’ Crisis is often referred to as a stage where a person, undertaking a detox program may feel worse, before they feel better. 
This may last for a couple of hours or a couple of days, sometimes it may last a week or longer.  The Healing Crisis may be emotional and/or physical.  The sign your body is healing may include…

  • Headaches
  • Aching Joints
  • Fatigue
  • Anger, irritability
  • Sadness, crying
  • Feelings of despair, negative thoughts

All these signs of healing are taking you through a transition period. 

What Can I Do To Help Myself Through The Healing Crisis Transition?

  • Take regular short cold showers, the more the better
  • Allow yourself to rest and sleep for longer periods
  • Be in nature – go for short walks, gentle swims, Chi Gong and/or Yoga
  • Take time out from visits to the gym, jogging or excessive exercise

Recommended Products, Herbs and Foods

Colloidal Minerals - Metals attach themselves only in places that are programmed for attachment of metal ions. Mineral deficiency provides the opportunity for toxic metals to attach themselves to vacant binding sites. A healthy mineral base is a prerequisite for all metal detox attempts (selenium, zinc, manganese, germanium, molybdenum etc.). Substituting minerals can detoxify the body by itself. Just as important are electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium), which help to transport toxic waste across the extra-cellular space towards the lymphatic and venous vessels.

Liver Plex - Any improvement in liver function can only assist in removing heavy metals from the body.  Ultimately it is the liver that kicks toxicity out of our bodies.  You can take the Liver Plex formula for up to 6 x months continually.    St Mary’s Thistle/Milk Thistle is a well known herb in this formula which helps your liver detoxify and in the process, eliminate heavy metals.  St Mary’s thistle also protects the membranes of red blood cells.

Chlorella - is a gentle chelating agent. Chlorella has a 3-layered cell wall that contains cellulose micro fibrils, which aids in the detoxification of heavy metals.

Udo’s - Lipids (made from fatty acids) make up 60–80% of the central nervous system and need to be constantly replenished. Deficiency makes the nervous system vulnerable to the fat soluble metals, such as metallic mercury constantly escaping as odourless and invisible vapour evaporating from the amalgam fillings.

Coriander (cilantro) - has been found to chelate (remove) heavy metals like mercury, aluminium, and lead from the body. In fact, it is believed to cross the blood-brain barrier and actually remove metals from the brain.
Coriander is a powerful chelation agent is based on the research of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura.  In 1995, Omura observed that subjects had higher than normal levels of mercury in their urine after consuming Vietnamese soup, which has large amounts of coriander (also called cilantro or "Chinese parsley"). He followed up on this accidental finding and discovered that giving coriander to patients with mercury poisoning for several weeks successfully eliminated the toxin from the body.
Clay Baths - As part of this program remember to take 2-3 baths per week with the appropriate LL Magnetic Clay, in accordance to which heavy metal you are attempting to remove.  If you do not own a bath, take at least 4-5 foot baths per week, as per enclosed instructions within the pack. 

What Next?
-You may like to have your urine and Hair Tissue Analysis retested after 6-9 months. 
-Keep taking your Fulhealth Industries Colloidal Minerals, and keep taking Chlorella – Colloidal Minerals are your plant-based multi-mineral and Chlorella acts as a multi-vitamin.  For optimal health, you can take them every day for the rest of your life. 

-Take 7.5mls of Astro Plex before breakfast and dinner as an herbal tonic to boost your immune system and strengthen your internal organs after completing a course of Liver Plex.

-You may also like to undertake the Detox4Life Diet.

Amalgam Removal
You may have a biological dentistremove your mercury amalgams and replace them with non-toxic composite fillings. A biological dentist never uses mercury for fillings, and they have the tools to remove mercury amalgams safely without increasing mercury toxicity.

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